Xenocrypt's GitHub Pages

Here are my current GitHub pages, in reverse chronological order:

An interactive look at state legislative numbers by partisan affiliation (mostly) going back to 1937, from Klarner and the NCSL. Lower Chambers: http://xenocrypt.github.io/StateLowerHistory.html. Upper Chambers: http://xenocrypt.github.io/StateUpperHistory.html

A look at cities (CDPs) by non-Hispanic white growth vs. remaining growth, 2000-2013: http://xenocrypt.github.io/CityGraph.html

Over that period, Charleston, SC had a rapidly growing non-Hispanic white population and a minimally growing minority population. My look into how and why: http://xenocrypt.github.io/CharlestonSC.html

A discussion of population growth in Polk County, Iowa (home of Des Moines, although that isn't where most of the growth happened): http://xenocrypt.github.io/PolkGrowth.html

A history of Presidential voting in Fairfield County, Connecticut by town (with a scatterplot and a line chart): http://xenocrypt.github.io/FairfieldCountyVoting.html

A comparison of the Schatz/Hanabusa Senate primary in Hawaii with demographic numbers by State House District: http://xenocrypt.github.io/HawaiiPrimary.html

An interactive map showing population shifts in Indianapolis: http://xenocrypt.github.io/IndyPopMap.html

A look at the rapid increase in percentage of Dallas County, Iowa with at least a bachelor's degree: http://xenocrypt.github.io/DallasIowa.html

A look at voting in the New York State Senate: http://xenocrypt.github.io/NYSenateDraft.html

An interactive chart of unionization numbers by state back to 1964: http://xenocrypt.github.io/UnionLines.html