The History of Presidential Voting in Fairfield County, CT by Town.

Fairfield County Voting

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The scatterplot currently compares (x-axis) to (y-axis), by Democratic two-party vote.

Click either the circles in the scatterplot or the names to the right of the line chart to select or de-select a town's voting history. Once a town is selected, hover over the line at a particular year to see the election results. Vote totals are given for Connecticut results, percentages are given for national results.

Notes and Sources

All Connecticut election results were transcribed from the PDF Statements of the Vote provided by the Connecticut Secretary of the State, which can be found here. I did notice a few typos when I went to check (there isn't OCR except for 2012, I don't think) and I can't promise there aren't a few more, however often I check. The national election results (which I turned into a JSON) are taken from Stephen Wolf, here. Demographic numbers are from the American Community Survey 2012 5-year estimates.

Somewhere in the origins of the line chart is Shan Carter and Kevin Quealy's New York Times chart "Housing's Rise and Fall in 20 Cities", and I got the idea for the changing URL from Mike Bostock's "Paint By Numbers" block, along with a friend's suggestion.